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Welcome to our website! 

In addition to our encaustic painting, acrylic painting and mixed media work, we pride ourselves on providing customized fine art mosaics, both large and small.  Our large mosaics can be assembled off site and installed at a convenient time in your residence, vacation home, business, school, or other institution.  Small works can be viewed on this web site and purchased by contacting us.   We invite you to take a look at samples of our work and hope you will visit the other pages of our website.

 NOTE:  Please excuse any inconvenience.  Our site is under revision! 

MURALsHOMEpage/Odyssey-Mural-Photo2.jpg MURALsHOMEpage/Hackerman_Patz__Mosaic.jpg MURALsHOMEpage/OC-MERMAID-MURAL.jpg MURALsHOMEpage/JCRChiropracticsfw.jpg

MOSAICShomepage/Untitled-3.jpg MOSAICShomepage/Hackerman_Patz_Mural.jpg MOSAICShomepage/DrLinquistInstaallation.jpg MOSAICShomepage/NationalLumberCoMuralCompleted.jpg
MOSAICShomepage/JHH_AppreciationPlaque.jpg MOSAICShomepage/mar-12--mosaics-raven-002.jpg MOSAICShomepage/rosenstein-plaque-046-blue-.jpg MOSAICShomepage/photos-of-art-march-2012-004.jpg
MOSAICShomepage/NevermoreQuothTheRaven.jpg MOSAICShomepage/HarriettTubmanphoto5.jpg MOSAICShomepage/Daily_Grind.jpg

Our work has been featured in juried exhibits and publications.

Please check out our other pages.

We would love to talk about your interests and possibilities to work with you.

Atlantis Art & Design 
4816 Water Park Drive
Belcamp, MD 21017 
443.416.3695   410.598.6041
FAX: 410-461-5626

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